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Agenda September 21, 2006

The department is planning an interactive site for student and faculty use in History of Communication courses, specifically focused on "Dead" Media. Much of the initial content will be drawn from an old forum that you can view here:

We plan to meet in the conference room on Thursday, September 21st at 12 pm to discuss uses for this site, as well as design considerations, content parameters, additional resources, etc.

split into two initiatives?

my hunch is we really have two projects in mind here: (1) some sort of innovative learning tool for "history of comm" which may or may not be wiki-based, and (2) a wiki-based public archive of dead media. in my roll on the tech committee i think i can commit to working on #2, but i dont think it is appropriate for me to work on a web tool for a specific course. perhaps a viable solution would be for the two initiatives to move forward in parallel this spring, #1 relying on appropriate existing technologies such as Blackboard or Wikipedia, and #2 following the public wiki model? then in May 2007 we can reassess and perhaps modify or merge the two initiatives?