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Meeting September 21, 2006

Barbara, Siva, Alex, Stacy, Ben, Mandy, and Ted met on Thursday, September 21st at 12 pm.

A number of issues were discussed including

  • the degree to which the wiki should be public or private
  • whether anyone can edit/add to the wiki, or if a subset of all users (example: NYU students) would be the primary editors
  • the various phases of development of the project
  • if the project is appropriate for use in History of Comm, and/or what needs to be modified to make it appropriate for classroom use
  • more points that people want to add such as:
  • the site / and research could very much be driven by the interface....... I therefore would suggest collaborating with Max and creating a choice of potential opening pages

split into two initiatives?

my hunch is we really have two projects in mind here: (1) some sort of innovative learning tool for "history of comm" which may or may not be wiki-based, and (2) a wiki-based public archive of dead media. in my roll on the tech committee i think i can commit to working on #2, but i dont think it is appropriate for me to work on a web tool for a specific course. perhaps a viable solution would be for the two initiatives to move forward in parallel this spring, #1 relying on appropriate existing technologies such as Blackboard or Wikipedia, and #2 following the public wiki model? then in May 2007 we can reassess and perhaps modify or merge the two initiatives? --AG

using wikipedia instead

wikipedia also has the concept of the WikiProject which is a sort of caucus within the encyclopedia devoted to a specific theme (example: the military history WikiProject). there is a "Media" WikiProject we could theoretically work within or start our own WikiProject on Dead media (although it might be conceptually difficult to explain or defend its existence). --AG

I think that both initiatives could be combined – 1) by giving specific assignments in regards to “Dead Media” 2) then posting them on the WikiProject. At least it will get the initiative started ….from my experience all projects take a long time to develop – would should start with the student contributions ( around 50 per semester ??) – to create a buzz of sorts around the project

The class papers can always be posted and archived on a separate site / if hosting the research on a public Wicki should be a problem. BRH

varieties of Wiki

Take a look at these two public Wiki offshoots, may be useful and its multilingual counterpart,