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  • An example of magnetic tape sound recording technology, the 8-track eventually became a redesigned version of ...r and nylon roller, allowing for easier mechanical capabilities and better sound quality. Also citing Muntz’s car stereo success, Miller sought to produce
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  • duplicated, no longer just in print but now in perfect replication- in sound (McClure). ...the interpretations which they could give, that each roll was specifically recorded by an artist who would add his name to the roll" (Ord-Hume 34). Rather than
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  • ...phonographs designed to be enclosed in dolls or other toys bearing a short sound-record intended to be reproduced as often as required” (Edison 1). The i ...opens underneath the breast of the doll, which is perforated to permit the sound to escape. By the simple operation of turning the crank any child can make
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  • ...example, form, elephant, and rough would all use the same stroke for the F sound even though they are spelled differently. Gregg "published a popular system ...aph. This device was invented by M.L. Scott and purported to visibally fix sound on a tablet. This was a tool to capture the actual vocal expression, and to
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  • ...nswers to the twenty-six inquiries of the population schedule, but we also recorded the particular [s]tate, county, city, and enumeration-district in which the position of the holes representing different aspects of the individuals recorded (i.e. sex, race, number of members of the household, etc). This role of pa
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  • The portable Victrola is designed as a container for the playback of sound. It is contained in a hard suitcase for the purpose of mobility and the pro ...e level would be the most accurate and truthful expression of the original sound recording event.
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  • discovered that sound could be recorded using the telephone microphone. Sound could then be played back using an electromagnet. Poulsen applied for a U. ...he device: a person speaks into one part and almost immediately after, the recorded data is played back. Because this was some of the first occurrences of dat
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  • ...automobile, radio came into the picture, and with radio came a new kind of recorded music. The only problem with the radio was that people were unable to choo ...dvertisement that stressed the Hip Pocket’s portability, durability, and sound quality. The back of the packaging read:
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  • Inventor Thomas Edison was an influential figure within both the silent and sound film industries. In 1891, he created and debuted the kinetograph, for takin ...projection and motion picture production, while Dickson decided to pursue sound film productions, effectively ending their 6 year professional relationship
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  • An early form of non-fiction cinema, actualities, recorded unscripted moments, while news films captured events of historical signific ...aramount and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) in association with Hearst, just as sound pictures were on the rise.
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  • ...anipulating the pedals, which control pitch, but no such instance was ever recorded. Its mechanical monotone also limited the capacity for affect and emotion i [[Category:Sound]]
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  • ...), Teddy Ruxpin is an attempt at reconciling the estrangement between the sound and body of sonic recording (Gitelman, 173). [[Image:Teddy_Ruxpin.jpg|thumb ...struction of, as Gitelmen phrases is, "the next experience of listening to recorded sounds" (150). In many ways, Teddy Ruxpin standardized the way reading 'sou
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  • | A recorded television episode ...hing, the spectator becomes a part of the experience in a way consumers of recorded, more static content cannot. Of course, liveness also brings with it a risk
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  • ..., several NBC affiliates began rejecting chain offerings in favor of these recorded programs...To counter transcriptions, executives of both chains[NBC and CBS part of a geographically dispersed reception crowd.“The mass-produced sound storage medium only needed mass-produced communication and recording media
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  • ...nted once standardization occurred and solutions were found to synchronize sound and amplify it for public display. During the silent film era, inventors lo ...n the acting that could have no been made possible without the addition of sound and another layer of code to move the story forward beyond the intertitles
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  • ...restaurants to recreate the temporality of the mid 20th century. The first recorded coin operated phonograph was presented in 1889, in a public demonstration a could hold up to 12 songs, reached the market. In 1925/26, electrically recorded 78rpm records were released, solving amplification issues and changing the
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  •—that elite segment of the home-video market that demanded the highest sound and picture quality. The 1980s and 90s saw the rise of home theaters. Barba pictures, complete with sound, in living rooms on a mass scale” (2006, 17). Klinger calls those with th
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  • ...iece of paper will be fed to the equipment and the resultant sound will be recorded onto magnetic tape” ( == Foundations of Oramics: Music Concrete & Other Drawn Sound Techniques ==
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  • ...the years, various companies developed different methods of improving the sound quality. Ray Dolby, an employee of the Ampex Corporation managed to devise ...r dual cassette deck (see Patent) allowing the user to record from one pre-recorded tape to a blank one in the same unit. This technology would later be develo
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  • [[Category: Recorded Sound]]
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